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The Shaun Shines Story

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Shaun Dugan
Owner / Operator
I’m Shaun ,
Owner Of Shuan Shines Detailing

I started detailing my own vehicles out of passion. Thats the same passion that I detail every car with.

I Love Automobiles.

I’m happy when I see someone lay eyes on their freshly detailed car. Love at first sight. It’s the best part of being a detailer.

I also like detailing show room cars and new cars! Really anything that helps appreciate vehicular beauty.

I started early, as a child. My father had classic cars and even built a few of his own. Cars were always around. He still has his Chevelle!

I served in the Navy for 11 years. Afterwards I decide to do something new but familar…

I Started Shaun Shines!

I like using the navy degree of attention to detail to make cars shine.

I started detailing from home. Shortly after I went mobile. In 2020 Shaun Shines got a proper garage. Come say Hi!
“Make it Shine,
like it’s mine! “
(…Ask me about my WRX STI )

My Team

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Duane McDonald


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